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National Medical Physicists Radiotherapy Plan Competition

We are pleased to announce a planning competition in conjunction with the annual PSCO conference, ONCO 2024 organized by AECH NORI, Shifa International Hospital, and CMH Rawalpindi. All are invited to participate. Following button is a link to ProKnow where you can download the CT data of an NPC patient along with a structure set that can be imported into any of the Treatment planning systems. You would be required to upload the dose file of your plan to the same website. All plans will be evaluated by international experts and will be announced in the closing ceremony of the conference on 3rd of March, 2024 All of you are invited to participate and also spread this message to your friends, colleagues, and peers.

When you click on this link, you should first press “submit press”. Proknow will give you permission to reach study within 24 hours . Again, using the same link after 24 hours , you will be in software. By pressing “select organisation”button which is located on the upper side of the screen, you will reach our plan challenge study details. The study is open now and ended on the 27th of February. Please motivate your society to join this challenge.

ONCO 2024: Workshops

Prepare yourself for an immersive learning journey at ONCO 2024 with our pre-conference workshops! Delve into a diverse range of cutting-edge topics and elevate your expertise in oncology. Secure your spot now by clicking the link below. Don’t let this chance slip away to broaden your horizons and connect with industry-leading experts in the field. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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